About Us

About Us

Making Careers Consultants was a startup started out of a spare room of the home of the founders. – Misss. Agarwal.

In the years, armed with a just a couple of clients and wiser after a couple of misguided adventures. A.E.DSOUZA and Miss Agarwal Nidhi founded Making Careers Consultants with a team of young recruitment professionals as a company. We have come a long way since then and over the years we have grown into a reputed recruitment company that goes the last mile in meeting the talent needs of the HR departments of diverse industries all over India.

Where it all began

The company began operations serving a handful of clients such as Online Business, Food Business, Retail, IT NON IT Industries. The foundation stone was laid and everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work in order to build an enterprise that would be known for quality of work and precise research and search practices.


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Moved to a swanky office

By the steady stream of work flowing in from the growing roster of clients, the company moves into a large fully equipped office. The workplace has become bigger and swankier and the employee headcount increases but the work culture remains the same – incisive, detail–oriented and consistent. We develop our own methodology for success and encodes to the same into a set of processes that every new employee at Making Careers Consultants is tutored in. Work, celebrations and fun at Making Careers Consultants go hand in hand and everyone from the Janitor to the CEO of the company plays an equal role in the success and growth of the company.

Branch Office

  •   Kerla
  •   Prabhadevi
  •   Hyderabad
  •   Bangalore

Opening Soon

  •   Punjab
  •   Rajasthan
  •   Trivandrum


Reg|CIN | LLP | AAI-6068
Recognized by Govt. of India