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HoroScope Revels The Will Of God

Bharati , today you might know me as a tarot reader, numeralogist, Reiki healer, astrologer, angel therapist etc etc, but the journey towards this started from the way back when I was 3 yrs of age I could see the people from the other world talking to me but was but not able to understand that all this was called something as clairvoyance. Years passed and also the experience of these things also started increasing even could sense or smell these things if ever they were present around me but never shared that too anyone even heard the voices of my dear ones and near ones crying and that use to come true after few days or month or even years but ignored all these things. As said years passed and I was a lecturer and the principal in the college and the journey of life went on and sometimes it happened said something to my students to be careful of as they were my students and when they use to meet after few years they use to tell me "MAM DO YOU REMEMBER YOU ASKED ME TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT THIS STAGE OF MY LIFE AND IT HAPPENED". There I used to feel sorry why did I say that to my student and that really happened in her life. But I even then didn't realize why was it happening and than after 15 yrs left my govt job to do something different and join my media institute with big brands which I don't want to specify and during that period I met a tarot reader just for the reading, something within me urged to leave that media line and come in this world of psychic studies and there I realised I was meant to be for this work knowingly or unknowingly I was connected to this right from my childhood. I even had kundlini while I was in college days and as I didn't know why was that happening to me, my parents use to shout at me but today I realize why all that happened to me, eventually it was my journey that had go get me here, When I did my angel therapy learnt that people who really helped me in this journey were actually the earth angels. Even got to know the reality of my life journey why the incidents that has been happening why happened .

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