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Course In Acting

Become a successful actor on small screen or big screen what ever you choose. Way to bollywood provides an extensive training for all age groups who wanted to be a good performer and helps to find out the real you behind the actual mask for the field of motion pictures, television, radio, theater, commercials, industrials, print, and variety entertainment. Way to bollywood focuses on the individual; preparing each and every individual to perform with confidence. We will show you how, where, and the way to find professional work, and how to avoid all the costly and unnecessary mistakes along the way making you reach to bollywood as the name says all.

Course In Direction

Become a good director who shows his vision and conveys all to audiances world wide. It is said that the directors whose vision guides the film. This course will covers all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production, including how to script a scene, dividing it with shots and capturing it on camera. Students will learn story boarding, camera angles, close-ups, cutting, continuity and composition. Our experienced faculty from the industry will help the Students write and direct their own continuity exercises and how to make use of skills and their use in all the areas let it be televsion or short films and even films for big screens .

Course In Cinematography

Become a competent Cinematographer Camera is the next pillar of visual medium. Pleasant lighting makes a world of difference whether it is in films or only a photograph. Film & TV is a highly technical medium and using the cameras and lights is a creative job. The training of a camera person involves understanding the potential of the equipment as well as developing an artistic bent of mind during the training. Students absorb the technical and creative demands of cinematography for television, feature, documentary, advertising or music videos. They gain a thorough proficiency with our certificate course in cinematography.

Course In Photography

Become a Professional Photographer. A picture is worth a thousand words! Artists want to express their feelings and emotions through their pictures, people love nature and want to capture its beauty. Photography is a medium of creative art and a photograph is a picture created with mechanical, chemical or electronic means. Newspapers and news magazines need news events covered with supporting photos. Stock agencies always want pictures, you may sell your work for calendars or greeting cards. There are many advertising agencies who want photos to create ads for their clients. The number of new magazines continues to grow. And all of them need photos. Models want their portfolios done, companies want to promote their products and services, people want their family functions covered, there is no end to the list.

Course In Screen Writer

Become a successful screenwriter with big production houses. Idea is the heart and soul of any film , short films and the television programs. A good idea brings life to the cinema. The director succeeds in reaching the audience only when he has a good idea .A good film has a powerful One liner theme. Become well versed with various story subjects such as feature film, documentaries, ad films, television based programes, serials, gaming, talk shows and more. Become confident to accept any type of independent assignment. The syllabus includes an introduction to Documentary and Dramatic Film Technique, their history and development with particular reference to the development of script writing for Film and Television.

Course In Film Making

Become a successful film maker. Filmmaking is not something that is simply learned. Being confined to a classroom where one is taught the basic criteria for bringing a story to life will ultimately limit one’s development as a filmmaker. At the Way to Bollywood, our philosophy is learning by doing, something students will experience from the second they step into one of our many facilities around the world. Whether potential students are interested in creating feature length films, shorts, music videos, or documentaries, the Academy’s diverse filmmaking courses will fit each student’s specific needs as an aspiring filmmaker.

Course In Radio Jockey

Become a successful Radio jockey. Radio jockeying, though a non-conventional career, is fast catching up with other traditional jobs. In the times of FM channels, Radio Jockeying has become a popular career option for many youngsters. A radio jockey is a person whose job is to communicate with people through the radio and play either their favorite songs or other hit numbers. You can get into this field by enrolling for Radio Jockey Courses are offered here

Course In Editing

Become a successful editor with best post production houses. Film editing techniques are often taught as part of a broader course of study. Many schools offer instruction in film editing through a number of related programs, including film production, television production, digital arts and others. When selecting a school for film editing. In this course students will learn to edit news reports , short films and movies and songs. They will learn how to use the best of the knowledge to use the editing techniques so that the whole reel edited by them looks eye catchy

Course In News Anchor

Become a successful news anchor in the world of journalism. Anchoring as a profession requires one to know all the latest happenings in the world and abroad like the back of their hand. Most veterans in the media field often state that anchoring is an art that cannot be learnt but observed and perfected with time. This is why it is often difficult to find a course that offers just anchoring as a discipline. Thus, anyone who wants to become an anchor is advised to undergo a full length journalism course and thereafter pursue a certification course in anchoring.